It’s true that, more and more, in Spain we love celebrating foreign traditions. It seems it is not enough celebrating Halloween when we have Samaín, or it doesn’t matter it’s July because we can celebrate the Oktoberfest anyway and St. Patrick’s? Why not S. José? Which is a “more Spanish patron saint”?

However we have not celebrated, at least I have not been conscious of any celebration, of Thanksgiving Day, which was celebrated in the United States last Sunday but what we have been celebrating today is the Black Friday. I was really shocked when I heard the firs ad: “Take advantage of the special offers on Black Friday.” What’s this? Do you think the meaning and origins of Black Friday is so widely spread?

Black Friday is celebrated on the first Friday after Thanksgiving Day, and is regarded as the official beginning of the shopping season because it’s followed by all the Christmas shopping. It’s not an official bank holiday but many school and companies close in order to increase the number of shoppers.

The name “Black Friday” has a financial origin as colours red and black are used in economics when talking about losses and profits. Black Friday is the first day of a profitable time of the year: Christmas, after 11 months of being “in the red.” Shops and malls used to open a couple of hours earlier on Black Friday, but in the late 2000s they have been opening at 5.00 or 4.00. This year some shops such as Toys’r us, Target or Wal-Mart have even open on Thanksgiving day, paying an extra amount of money to their employees because of making them work on a traditionally family day.

As you can see, nothing to do with Spain or Spanish traditions. So why could we see special offers yesterday in some shops like Decathlon, Fnac, Media Markt, Oysho, Zara Home and also offers all the weekend in El Corte Inglés, for example? What do you think? Is it good to celebrate a tradition like this only because you can buy the goods you need with special discounts? Can’t we just celebrate a day “Special Offers for your Christmas Shopping” or something like that?